How do we supplement?


As a general rule, you get most of your nutrients from your food if you follow the paleo diet. But, we do use some supplements. On a daily basis I take:

A probiotic – to keep my gut healthy and ward off any illness. Again, if following a strict paleo diet, this isn’t necessary. Russ eats sauerkraut and therefore doesn’t need this. I open up a capsule and sprinkle it into the girl’s first cup of almond milk. I like Jarrow but needs to be refrigerated.

Omega fish oil capsule. I may switch to fermented cod liver oil. Will update soon.

Monolaurin – used as an anti-viral. The girls and I take this daily to prevent illness.

Vitamin D – not needed if you are outside a lot during the summer. But we use Carlson’s liquid Vitamin D drops 4000iu. And the girls get a drop in their milk daily as well.

Magnesium (we use CALM) – used to help sleep and keep bowels regular. Very common deficiency.

When sick, we give the girls Sambucus, a mix of echinacea and elderberry.


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